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'International Shipping
Sorry but International shipping is no longer available. International orders now require a export declaration fee of $90 (USD) added to them. I\'ve grown my braiding business a little to big, since I bring hides directly from Australia and I\'m now importing more hides then one could use for personal use, I\'ve had to purchase a commercial import permit from US Fish and Wildlife. Unfortunately when I sell pieces outside the US I have to also declare that I\'m exporting and this is where the $90 fee comes in. Nothing to do with endangered species or international treaties just an added cost of business as the business continues to grow.

How to Care for Braided Pieces
The best care tip is to wear your bracelet, the kangaroo leather will absorb oils from your skin becoming very soft and developing a patina unique to you. If your piece develops a dry look you can use saddle soap to freshen it a bit or a non darkening leather conditioner.

Can Kangaroo Get Wet
Kangaroo Leather holds up well to getting wet about the only downside is the leather will darken quickly. I have many customers who never take their pieces off and I have worn a couple of bracelets for over a year and as mentioned they darkened quickly but they have held up very well.

Where Do You Get Kangaroo
I order hides directly from Australia, the government there has a culling program to keep the population in check. Think of them as deer here in the States, hard to drive down the road without hitting one of the @#&%!*. There are only two species that are harvested and the process is very much controlled by the government. Once the hides arrive I hand cut them into 1/8 inch strands and then split and bevel each strand before making your piece.

How long do the strands need to be to start?
My general rule of thumb is 4 feet of lace will give you 3 feet of braid or about a 25% loss. If your braiding around a core it can be up to 50%.

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